Post-doctoral Fellows

Émilie Lévesque: Physical activity & prostate cancer, 2020-2021
Christine Barul: Occupational exposures & prostate cancer, 2018-2020
Cheryl Peters: Occupation & prostate cancer, 2015-2018
Nicoleta Cutumisu: Built environnent & asthma, 2015-2016
Claire Demoury: Environmental & occupational risk factors of prostate cancer, 2015-2016

Sandra Pelaez:  From research to practice: A framework for translating QUALITY to CIRCUIT, 2015-2016
Katarina Boehm: Medical factors & prostate cancer, 2015
Katarina Boehm: Medical factors & prostate cancer, 2015
Caroline Fitzpatrick: Relating school environments to lifestyle behaviours, obesity, and psychosocial outcomes in the QUALITY cohort, 2014-2016
Audrey Blanc-Lapierre: Medical, occupational factors & prostate cancer, 2013-2017
Andrea Spence:  Sexual circumstances and prostate cancer risk, 2012-2014
Carolyn Côté-Lussier: Investigating perceptions of neighbourhood safety and child health outcomes, 2012-2014
Larissa Vilela: Sociodemographic and psychological factors in prostate cancer risk (MEP)/HPV & head and neck cancers (MCR) (Fondation Armand-Frappier), 2010-2011
Amel Mahboubi: Occupational exposure to formaldehyde and risk of lung cancer, 2010-2011

Larissa Vilela: Stress at work & prostate cancer, 2010-2011
Shain Safai: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2008
Sophie Arpin: Risk factors for prostate cancer, 2008
Mariam El-Zein: Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination and occurrence of asthma (Fondation Armand-Frappier), 2007-2014
Javier Pintos: Occupational exposures & cancer, 2006-2009
Agnihotram V. Ramanakumar: Medical history, cooking fumes, occupational exposures and risk of lung cancer, 2004-2007
Andrea Benedetti: Alcohol intake and cancer risk, 2004-2006


Charlotte Salmon: Social isolation and prostate cancer (FRQS), 2018-2023
Karine Trudeau: Diet and prostate cancer risk (FRQS), 2011-2021
Miceline Mesidor: Disease modifying therapy, progression of multiple sclerosis, and health care utilization (Fondation Armand-Frappier, FRQS), 2016-2021
Madeleine Bird: Built and social environment and physical activity
Sreenath Arekunnath Madathil: Life course behavioural risk models of upper aerodigestive tract cancers (Fondation Armand-Frappier), 2013-2018
Caroline Fitzpatrick: Kindergarten classroom engagement skills: the road to academic success in elementary school, 2017
Jean-François Sauvé: Retrospective occupational exposure assessment in population-based case-control studies, 2012-2017
Nada Farsi: Role of HPV and sexual behavior in relation to the development of head and neck cancer – HeNCe Life Study, Canadian site (Ministry of Higher Education, Saudi Arabia), 2010-2014
Khady Kâ: Obesity and inflammatory markers in gingival tissue in children (CIHR Strategic Training Initiative in Applied Oral Health Research), 2009-2013
Willy Wynant: Occupational exposure to lead and lung cancer risk (summer project), 2009

Christina Longo: Personalized Medicine in Primary Care: Impact on Equitable Access to Treatment, 2008-2014
Andrea Van Hulst: Neighbourhood and Individual Social Determinants of Obesity among Susceptible Children, a 2-year Prospective Study, 2008-2011
Roman Pabayo: Transport actif des enfants d’âge scolaire et statut socioéconomique, 2007-2011
Thomas Matukala:  The role of occupational circumstances in explaining the relationship between sociodemographic factors and lung cancer risk, 2007-2010
Thomas Matukala Nkosi: Socioeconomic status in relation to lung cancer risk, 2007-2010
Franco Momoli: An application of Semi-Bayes modeling to a study of the occupational etiology of lung cancer, 2000-2006


Clémentine Vabre: Diabetes and prostate cancer, 2019
Erica Marrone: Traffic and blood pressure in NDIT, 2018-2019
Charlotte Salmon: Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination and risk of lymphoma, 2018
Priyanka Prajapati: Natural history of oropharyngeal cancer precursors (summer project), 2017
Justine Pagès: Inverse probability weighting method in an epidemiological study with a two stage sampling design, 2017
Ella DIendéré: Asthma medication use by children in the province of Quebec, 2016
Andréa Besson: Analytical methods for two-stage sample epidemiological studies, 2016
Miceline Mésidor: Asthma phenotypes in a Quebec birth cohort, 2015
Anu Edassari:  Oral health promoting policies in schools and oral health status of Quebec children, 2012-2014
Nicolas Lebas: Occupational and recreational exposure to pesticides and prostate cancer risk, 2013
Yasmine Serme: Perinatal exposures and the risk of prostate cancer, 2013
Catherine Quinot: Exposition aux animaux domestiques durant l’enfance et risque d’asthme, 2013

Sreenath Arekunnath Madathil: Pan chewing and oral cancers in India, 2012-2013
Jun Li: Determinants of BCG vaccination in Québec (Fondation-Armand Frappier), 2011-2013
Jennifer Yu: UV Exposure and prostate cancer risk, 2011-2013 – now part of Research Personnel, 2011-2013

Christine Blaser: Socioeconomic factors & prostate cancer, 2011-2013
Madeleine Bird: Identifying park typologies through statistical analysis using data from the Residential Study (U. de Montréal), 2009-2011
Gladys Osien :  The effect of excess weight on asthma control among children, 2009-2011
Jose Mansure: NSAIDs and prostate cancer risk, 2009-2011
Nada Farsi: Risk factors of head and neck cancer: highlighting the importance of human papillomaviruses (Ministère de l’éducation supérieure, Arabie Saoudite), 2008-2010

Patrícia Camargo da Rosa: School socioeconomic indicators as predictors of schoolchildren’s oral health (Fondation Armand-Frappier, FRSQ, CIHR Strategic Training Initiative in Applied Oral Health Research), 2007-2010
Sima Gandhi: La participation des parents aux activités physiques des jeunes: Impact sur leurs habitudes de vie, 2007-2009
Martine Shareck: Dietary antioxidants and lung cancer risk (CIHR, FRSQ, Fondation Armand-Frappier), 2006-2008
Nadine Desautels: Coffee and tea intakes and risk of cancer, 2002-2004
Simone Dumas: Occupational risk factors for rectal cancer, 1997-1999
Ye Hua: Occupational risk factors for renal cancer, 1997-1999
Odette Laplante: Asbestos exposure and risk of lung cancer, 1997-1999


Chanez Lazri: Physiological mechanisms for environmental chemicals in prostate cancer, 2016
Cynthia Trudeau:
Early age BCG vaccination, 2015
François Lagacé: Residential history, documentation infrastructure, and prostate cancer, 2014

Brittany Sigler: Residential history and prostate cancer risk, 2013-2014
Nadine Lombardo-Han: Géocodage et cartographie des lieux de résidence dans une étude portant sur l’asthme infantile, 2013
Christine Lukac: Indicators of Socioeconomic Status derived from the Canadian Census, 2011
Jun Li: Validation of the Québec BCG, 2010-2011
Naomi Schwartz: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2010-2011
Madeleine Steinmetz-Wood: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2010-2011
Charles Maisonneuve: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2010-2011
Caroline Bédard: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2009-2011
Geneviève Legault: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2009-2011
Catherine Lemay: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2008-2011
Alice Chautard: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2009-2010

Tatiana Orozco: Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination and occurrence of asthma, validation of data quality (FRQS), 2009
Alexandre Liautaud: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2008-2010
Katia DeMarco: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2008-2009


Salima Ramdani: Lifestyle and environmental factors in prostate cancer, 2015-2020
Alexane Brunelle: Study documentation for the Quebec Birth Cohort on Immunity and Health, 2018-2019