Current Students

Post-Doctoral Fellows


 Audrey Blanc-Lapierre
Ph.D. Bordeaux Segalen University 2012 (Public Health Epidemiology)
Pharm.D. Paris 11 University and Bordeaux Segalen University 2011
M.Sc. Bordeaux School of Public Health 2008 (Epidemiology)
Supervisor: Dr. Marie-Élise Parent
Research Topic: Environmental and occupational risk factors of prostate cancer


Ctéléchargementlaudie Laprise
Supervisors: Drs. Marie-Claude Rousseau, Eduardo Franco, Belinda Nicolau
ReseaFrch Topic: Role of human papillomaviruses in upper aerodigestive tract cancers


 Mélanie Béland

Ph.D. Concordia University 2018 (Psychology)
M.A. Université de Montréal 2012 (Sciences biomédicales – option sciences psychiatriques)
B.A. Université de Sherbrooke 2010 (Psychology)
Currently: Postdoctoral researcher (Epidemiology)
Supervisor: Dr. Tracie Barnett
Research Topic: The association between sedentary behaviours and mental health in youth at risk of obesity



Nicoleta Cutumisu

Research Topic: Neighbourhoods, asthma control, and obesity: a comparison of geospatial approaches (INRS)



Philippe Corsenac
Ph.D. INRS-Insitut Armand-Frappier (Immuno-Epidemiology)
MMSPH Bordeaux School of Public Health, 2010 (Epidemiology)
CNS Nancy Medical University, Public Health School, 2006
B.Sc. Nursing, Nancy University Health Center, 2000
Supervisor : Marie-Claude Rousseau
Research Topic: BCG vaccination and multiple sclerosis

Éric Vallières P1010304
Ph.D. Université de Montréal 2017 (Public Health – Epidemiology)
M.S.c. Université de Montréal 2011 (Biomedical Sciences – Clinical Research)
B.Sc. Université de Montréal 2008 (Anthropology)
Supervisor: Dr. Marie-Élise Parent
Research Topic: Etiology of prostate cancer, obesity and family history of cancer
Awards : FRQS


Karine Trudeau
Ph.D. Université de Montréal 2016 (Public Health)
M.Sc. INRS 2012 (Applied Microbiology)
B.Sc.Université de Montréal 2009 (Biochemistry)
Supervisors: Dr. Marie-Élise Parent and co-supervisor Dr. Marie-Claude Rousseau
Research Topic: Dietary patterns and risk of prostate cancer
Fellowship: FRQS-GREPEC (2013-2016)


Sreenath Arekunnath Madathil

Ph.D. McGill University (Dental Sciences)
Supervisors: Dr. Marie-Claude Rousseau and Dr. Belinda Nicolau
Research Topic: Life course behavioural risk models of upper aerodigestive tract cancers
Fellowship: Fondation Armand-Frappier

Akhil Soman Thekke Purakkal

Ph.D. McGill University (Dental Sciences)
Supervisors: Dr. Marie-Claude Rousseau and Dr. Belinda Nicolau
Research Topic: Genetic susceptibility, socioeconomic position and oral cancer in India – HeNCe Life Study, Canadian site

Miceline Mésidor

Ph.D. Epidemiology (Université de Montréal)
M.Sc. biostatistics Université de Bordeaux
Supervisor: Dr. Marie-Claude Rousseau
Research Topic: Multiple sclerosis

Erin O’Loughlin
Ph.D. Psychoeducation (Concordia University)
M.Sc. …
Supervisor: Drs. Lisa Kakinami & Tracie Barnett
Research Topic: …

Madeleine Bird
Ph.D. Epidemiology (Université de Montréal)
M.Sc. Public Health  (Université de Montréal)
Supervisor: Drs. Toby Datta & Tracie Barnett
Research Topic: Built and social environment and physical activity








Salima RamdaniIMG_1721
Supervisor: Dr Marie-Élise Parent
Research Topic: Quebec Prostate Cancer Research Program




Alexane Brunelle
Supervisor: Dr Marie-Claude Rousseau
Research Topic: Study documentation for the Quebec Birth Cohort on Immunity and Health